Multimedia H/W FAE

Job Description

Ÿ  Integrate and implement Application Processor HW design in customer systems

Ÿ  Provide technical support and guidance to customers for Application Processor HW design

Ÿ  Test and debug technical issues in customer systems

Ÿ  Communicate with marketing, application teams, R&D teams and

customers for new program design-in

Knowledge / Skill / Experience / Education

Ÿ  5+ years or more of HW development experience

Ÿ  Experience in Embedded Processor Digital circuit design is required.

Ÿ  Experience in memory interface is required. (NOR, NAND, OneNAND, SRAM, SDRAM, LPDDR2, etc)

Ÿ  Experience in various peripheral interfaces is required. (UART, I2C, SPI, PCM/I2S, etc)

Ÿ  Experiences in Portable products like Navigation/PMP is preferred

Ÿ  Experiences in Embedded Processor F/W is preferred

Ÿ  Experiences in power consumption optimization is preferred

Ÿ  Experiences in Cellular/Smartphone system is preferred

Ÿ  Experiences in Circuit Simulation is preferred.

Ÿ  Experiences in Analog Circuit design is preferred

Ÿ  Effective and good communicator in both verbal and written forms, and in both Korean and English as well.

Ÿ  Team player

Ÿ  Bachelor’s degree or above in Electrical/Electronics Engineering or related


* Work Location: Seoul

* Status: Permanent
* Salary: Negotiation
제출서류영문 이력서 (MS-word file)


* 담당자 정효진

* Email - 

* Tel - 02)574-2490 / 02)574-2479

주소: 서울 강남구 논현동 241-3 SK허브블루 1305

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