Software FAE

Job Description

Leading LG/Samsung SW R&D for integration SW IP on various customer platforms and follow up issues

communicating with HQ R&D.

Essential Functions

1. Responsible for SW IP integration on various customer platforms and verification

2. Experienced System Layer1 device driver development on QCOM platforms

3. Well knowledge of SW IP integration on  QCOM platform

4. Provide feedback to HQ SW R&D about customer platforms and optimization

5. Co-work with Sales providing customer feedback to organize priority for customer supporting

6. Report to Sales Leader in Korea                  


Minimum Qualification

1. Experienced Android driver development on smartphone

2. Familiar Android media package, API for audio processing like AudioManager, AudioTrack, AudioRecord

3. Good communication skill in English.

4. BS degree in Computer Engineering or Electronics

Desired Experence

Experienced working with Samsung/LG Mobile R&D




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